Used tyre sales

Siba sorts all of the tyres collected and determines which tyres can still be sold around the world. Our high standards and expert quality control have won us the trust of business partners way beyond Dutch borders.

Approved tyres are stored in our warehouse and made ready for dispatch when orders are placed. Our unique system allows us to load almost twice as many tyres into a cargo container than usual. The tyres are twisted into tubes, compressed and then loaded into the container.

Used tyres are mainly sold for:

The retreading market: these tyres are suitable for retreading, after which they are sold as remoulded tyres.
The tread market: these are car tyres and van tyres with a minimum of 1.6 mm of tread.

If you are interested in purchasing used tyres (minimum purchase quantity: 1000 tyres), then please contact our sales staff who will check whether the right tyres are available for supply to you.

Dear party with an interest in the purchase of used car tyres: 

The demand for our used car tyres is currently so great, that we no longer have sufficient stock. We are therefore also unable to respond to requests or accept new clients for the time being. Nor is there any added value to be gained from a personal visit to our premises, as we simply cannot supply the tyres. 

As soon as we are in a position to accept new clients once more, then we will issue notification on this page. 

We trust to have been of service to you in providing this information. 

Kind regards, 

Management & Sales Team 
Siba Autobanden BV 

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Most tyres sold by Siba are exported to countries around the world. The purchaser always bears the responsibility for transport but Siba will gladly offer expert advice regarding transportation if required.

Op al onze leveringen zijn de algemene leverings- en betalingsvoorwaarden van de Vereniging VACO van toepassing.

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