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Siba Autobanden BV

Siba Autobanden has been specialising in the collection of used tyres for more than 50 years now. This has resulted in a unique approach to service that is tailored to each client. Our services encompass the sustainable collection of used tyres, tyre sorting, the sale of a proportion of the tyres and 100% environmentally friendly recycling. 

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Siba Autobanden


Siba welcomes enquiries from any company with used tyres. We will then discuss with you how best to dispose of them. With our extensive knowledge and experience, Siba can provide you with the best solution for the disposal of your tyres.


All tyres collected are checked by our expert inspectors to see whether they are still suitable for sale. If you are interested in purchasing used tyres (with a minimum order of 1000 tyres), please refer to the information under 'Used tyre sales'.

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